What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

It gives people like ourselves a real say in how our community develops, the way that land is used for housing, business, shops and leisure. It can also protect green spaces and influence the design of buildings and estates.

Local people play a major role in making the plan. It’s part of their democratic right granted by the Localism Act.

The plan has to be agreed through a local referendum. It may take a year or 2 to complete. It will have a legal force and must be followed by North Kesteven District Council when making planning decisions.

Why should we Care?

Are we up for taking part in some tough decisions about the future of the town? Things like type and design of new housing, jobs created, shopping developed and play spaces increased.Or do we let those decisions be made elsewhere?

The Sleaford Neighbourhood Plan will be this community’s chance to make these important decisions locally, and to strongly influence how future planning applications are decided. The more people that get involved, the better chance there is of making this a brilliant plan for Sleaford!

We are starting the process of gathering the views of local people as part of the community engagement phase of the neighbourhood plan. What you have to tell us will  help to shape the content of the Neighbourhood Plan, so please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire.

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