We are delighted with the Sleaford Neighbourhood Plan logo created for us by a local designer.

You may be wondering ‘what is this strange beast’ shown on the logo? It is a wyvern, a mythical beast associated with the city of Leicester.

So what is the link with Sleaford?

The wyvern is associated with the Sleaford-based 19th Century architects Kirk and Parry whose legacy we can see all around the town in its impressive Victorian Heritage. Charles Kirk was from Leicester and he used the wyvern in his Sleaford building designs. So the beast has been ‘adopted’ by Sleaford.

Spot the wyvern on top of the rooftop of the building at the junction of Boston Road and Southgate and also in the railings near the Museum.

The wyvern is a symbol of power 1: a fitting emblem for the Sleaford Neighbourhood Development Plan in giving a voice to the local community to influence the future of our town.

1  The origin of the word wyvern comes from thirteenth-century word wyver, which is derived from the French wyvere, meaning both “viper” and “life.” The earliest mention of the wyvern is in folkloric tales where it is generally depicted as a violent predator. In heraldry, the wyvern is said to represent war, envy and pestilence, but it is also a symbol of power.

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